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Jinnah’s Family

Jinnah was eldest among seven siblings born to Mithibai and Jinnahbhai Poonja.
He had six siblings ,brothers Ahmad Ali, Bunde Ali, and Rahmat Ali, and sisters Maryam, Fatima and Shireen.

The Founder's father - Jinnah Poonja

( Ahmed Ali Jinnah )Brother

Ahmed Ali with his wife Emy

Miss Fatima Jinnah and two of her sisters mourn the loss of their brother

The Founder's sister - Shirin Peerbhoy

Some members of the Founder's family

The Founder and Miss Jinnah with Fatima Begum, Geti Ara and Begum G A Khan

Quaid-e-Azam’s first wife: Emibai Jinnah

Mohammad Ali Jinnah married, at his mother’s urging, a distant cousin (Emibai from Paneli village) when he was 16 and Emibai was only 14. The marriage was forced on his by his mother as she was afraid that if he went to England, he might end-up marrying an English girl. They hardly lived together as Jinnah sailed from India soon after his marriage and Emibai died within few weeks after that.

Quaid-e-Azam’s second
marriage, Rattanbai Petit

Rattanbai Petit / Ruttie (”The Flower of Bombay”) was the second wife of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Rattanbai converted to Islam and adopted the name Mariam. The marriage took place on on April 19, 1918 but unfortunately their marriage failed with in few years.

Dina, the only daughter of Quaid-e-Azam

Quaid with his sister Fatima Jinnah (extreme left) and his only child Dina
Dina, the only daughter of Jinnah and Ratti was born on the night between 14th and 15th August, 1919, a year after jinnah and Ratti’s marriage.


  1. what was the name of Quid e Azam's first wife???

  2. what was the name of Quid e Azam's first wife???